Juliet Immaculate Vodka

The world's first Immaculate Vodka
43% alc. vol, 1x Distilled, Purified, Gluten Free, British Made, Boutique Batch Production, Immaculate Categorised.

Unrivalled JULIET Vodka, is meticulously produced using only the finest British homegrown ingredients. A boutique production process where the finest quality, immaculate vodka is created by only one distillation from the best quality sugar beet. Creating an element of luxury.

Tasting Notes
Nose: Gives a homemade aroma, hints of light violets
Palate: Silky smooth luxury vanilla coating
Finish: Balanced sweet delicate aftertaste

Web: julietvodka.com
Social: @julietvodka

"A bona fide luxury product"
-Forbes Magazine